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Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Zoya experiment

So , yes, I broke down and bought some Zoya polishes, 1) great sale and  2) awesome colors!
However, I forgot what my friend told me about Zoya not playing nice with other topcoats. The first mani I did with a Zoya (Unicorn mani) started peeling off the next day. TOTAL bummer.

So I talked with my friend (a Zoya addict, btw), did some research and decided to start experimenting. Since I typically wear 2 coats of Gellac base coat under all polishes-that is its own experiment....

Tonight I tried 2 manis, Zoya Anchor over gel polish, 2 coats of Ginessa, 1 coat of Nina Ultra Pro speed dry (3-free) OMY that turned into rubber cement on my nails....bad move. Removed the glittery, silver mess that is now all over.

NEXT-yes, I was stubborn! N Zoya Anchor, just Zoya Adina-2 careful coats. So far, so good.

I alternated the Zoya fast dry drops and a franken topcoat. Not really an intentional franken, just leftovers from SV, Sally Hansen triple strength and a few other remnants of TC.

So here are some really bad pictures of a messily done mani-but hey, it is a process I guess!
Live and Learn :0)

My intention is to take some pictures of how this mess plays out-I will warn might not be pretty! If there is anyone else out there that has used gellac/gel/shellac under other polishes....have you tried Zoya??

I love the colors of Zoya, so I hope it works over the the very least.
OK, I am done rambling...g'night!


Paulina said...

I've never tried Zoya, hope to try it someday :)

Gottwinkies said...

You can't get it there, can you?! They do have beautiful colors, unusual, too!