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Sunday, January 29, 2012

Zoya Experiment Follow-up and other Mani Spam

Here are a few quick pics of me following up on this post . I wasn't patient enough to go longer than 3 days, so you are going to have to trust me on this-Zoya polishes appear to bind to gel base coat. Probably a generalization, but what can I say?!

Day 1 with different top treatments over 2 coats of Zoya Adina.

Day 3, same hand. Some tip wear, which I always have, but no peeling at all and no sign that it was going to happen, I was pretty stoked! I really love the Zoya colors and didn't want to give them OR my gel base coat up :)  I use IBD Gellac Base coat for strength and also it helps the  shape of my nails-evens out the tiny upwards tilt at the tips.
SO on to my next mani/experiment. I was inspired for this by The Nailsaurus, who in turn was inspired by nail art she saw on TV. I am not as talented at she, so I used scotch tape

1 coat of Zoya Ginessa over IBD Gellac base coat, and a PIA application of tape, Catrice Big City Life- New York (Thanks to the lovely Buzzwheedle)

This is the "franken" topcoat I used over my Zoya experiment, so this should work fine, since there is only a very tiny amount of SV in it.

 Sorry about the poor picture quality-
Not the cleanest application, I know...but I had this idea and I really wanted to try it. Drying time for this particular mani was long-hence the dents, but I LOVED this look and this mani!! What do you think?
I want to try this with other polishes, non-Zoya polishes to see if it is a bit easier.


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Glad you like it Paulina. Getting the tape portion done right was difficult, but worth it!