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Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Change...Part of Life

I have a small dilemma.... Feels like a big one though. 
I'm finding I don't have as much time for my blog as I want and need. I have been doing a lot of stuff on Facebook and Instagram under 6 Harts and also under my real name. 
At any rate, I seriously feel like I need to do one or the other. I know a lot of bloggers spent a Lot of time on a variety of different social media platforms.... But I can't seem to! I think if I wasn't making polishes, it might be different but who knows?
At any rate, I am going to take a hiatus from blogging (or feeling like I need to blog, lol) and I may come back, but there are no guarantees. I'm also in a lot of nail polish groups under my real name on Facebook. Contact me via my blog email if you want to contact me personally. If any of you would like to follow me or look me up on Facebook or Instagram, I'd love it! Hopefully I will see you here or there! 
IG: 6Harts
Here is one last mani to make you smile!

And critters!!!!

Hug your family, friends and pet family! 

1 comment:

Marias Nail Art said...

Well, that is life, I too feel it's difficult and time consuming - so I stay with the blogger platform alone - but of course you cannot do that...